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Hair Extensions

Ready for longer fuller hair? Or maybe you're happy with your the length of your hair but you wish it had more volume? Have areas of recession, thinning or where you just wish there was more hair?

Hidden bead sew
in wefts, slice strands, combline

Sew in extensions are a luxurious and customizable service that can add volume and length to your hair. We provide detailed aftercare instructions to help you maintain your investment. For best results, maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 8-12 weeks to ensure your extensions are properly cared for and to protect your hair and scalp.

Pricing is 100% customized to you and your hair goals! An in person consultation is required, the fee for the consultation will go towards the purchase of your hair extensions.

Halo Extensions

Halo extensions are a great way to add fullness and length to your hair without breaking the bank. They are also low maintenance and easy to apply - you can wear them on a daily basis or just for special occasions or a fun night out. You can also easily remove them when needed. With halo extensions, you can experience a dramatic transformation in a short amount of time.

In person consultation required to color match and order extensions. Fee for the consultation will be applied to the purchase of your Halo.

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